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What are YOU waiting for?

written by Mike Robertson

It’s that time of year again.

The holidays are right around the corner.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and everything in between.

Prepare for the whirlwind!

As a result, people use this as an excuse to put off their fitness or health goals. People that SHOULD be starting immediately, use the excuse that they’ll “start after the holidays.”

But does it ever really get any easier?

And are you really going to start after the holidays? Or is that just another excuse?

Getting serious about your fitness is never easy.  If you haven’t worked out in 3 months or 3 years, getting back in the gym can be daunting.

But you know what the best solution is?

Doing something about it TODAY.

Don’t put it off, and don’t delay.

Take a small step, any step, to getting started as soon as possible.  Maybe it’s just researching the gyms and trainers that are out there, to find a good fit for you.

And if you’re reading this blog from somewhere near the Indianapolis area, I may just know of someone who can help 🙂

So that’s my plea for today – what are YOU waiting for?

Take a small step today to getting your fitness and health on track.  After all YOU deserve it!

Yours in Health


Mike Robertson

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