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Weight Loss Program Results with Your Favorite Indianapolis Personal Trainers

written by Bill Hartman

With the new month just getting started it’s often time to do a quick recheck of your status in your efforts at a weight loss program.

Here at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training that’s what we do.

As I write this the morning fat loss group has just left to take on their day.

JK continues to impress by maintaining her goal weight.  She’s even reduced her total exercise time with no negative effects.  It just goes to show you how powerful consistency can be.  It’s about lifestyle changes.

Chris T. is down 30 pounds in just 12 weeks.  We remeasured his skinfolds and noted some rather significant changes.  As Chris noted today, “I’m more than 25% toward my goal weight in only 12 weeks.”  Based on Chris’ efforts in the gym, there’s not doubt he’ll be to his goal faster than he ever imagined.

Lindsay just finished her first month with us at IFAST and she’s down 10 pounds.  Her natural athleticism has allowed Lindsay to pick up on our fat loss program like she’s been at it for months.  I bet some of our guy members couldn’t keep up with her intensity.

The question I always ask our clients is what could you do this week better than last week?  Sometimes it’s bumping up the exercise intensity.  Sometimes it’s refining your meal planning.  The point is that no matter what your issues are in regard to your weight loss program, by continuously making the effort to improve at least 1% every day, you’ll hit your goal without a doubt.

What do you need to do to hit your weight loss goals?  You can find out for free at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training when you take advantage of our 14 day free membership which includes your complete physical assessment, your individualized exercise program, and 6 free fitness training sessions.  No one in Indianapolis can match that.  Call us at 578-0998 to schedule your assessment.

Bill Hartman

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