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The Secret To Faster Fat Loss

written by Bill Hartman

At one time or another we all get frustrated with our bodies.  Lack of exercise coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and less than ideal nutritional habits frequently result in the accumulation of more than our desired level of body fat.


Sometimes even though we’re working out to the best of our abilities and trying to eat right, our efforts still fail to get the results we’re looking for.


If you feel like you’ve failed in the past, it’s not your fault.


The popular media and companies interested in making a quick buck have flooded our culture with misleading and grossly incorrect information as to what really works in the battle against body fat.


Case in point.  For years, we’ve been told that aerobic exercise is an essential component of a properly designed fat loss program.  Based on current reaseach and real-world experience, however, aerobic exercise ranks very low in the hierarchy of fat loss promoting exercise.


Have you tried the traditional low-fat diets in your quest for a leaner body?


The thinking is that if I eat less fat then I won’t gain fat.


This couldn’t be further from the truth.


Does that mean we need to swing to the other extreme to the zero carbohydrate diet?


Not at all.  As with most instances, the answer is somewhere in between by understanding how proper nutrition impacts your personal physiology for fat loss.


So you see, it’s not your fault.  It’s not that you haven’t been working hard enough.


You’ve just been using the wrong technology.


All fat loss methods are not created equal.


Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training combines the best methods PROVEN by scientific research and reinforced by real-world results (insert link to testimonials) with a 3-stage exercise and nutrition program that guarantees your success.


Stage 1:  Utilize proper nutritional programming

Proper nutrition comes first as it forms the foundation of every fat loss program.  There’s an old saying the fitness world, “You can’t out-exercise a poor nutritional program” and nothing could be further from the truth.


Many have failed to implement a proper nutritional program in the past due to unrealistic demands.  Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training shows you how to quickly and easily implement our healthy and effective nutritional program including a simple method to improve your daily compliance to promote consistency and accelerate your results.


Stage 2:  Perform exercise designed to preserve muscle and stimulate the metabolism between workouts

In other programs, the “answer” to fat loss exercise is limited to being concerned about how many calories you burn during your exercise session.  Our unique personalized program is specifically designed to preserve your metabolically active muscle rather than destroying it like so many other programs.   In addition, your workout will elevate your metabolism to such a degree that your body burns even more fat between workouts.


Stage 3:  Effectively recover to allow you to put forth your best efforts

Most people don’t think about this one too much, but recovery from exercise is as important as your exercise program.  You don’t make progress while you exercise.  You make progress by recovering from exercise.  The exercise is merely the stimulus to create a response that results in the fat loss you desire.  Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training combines acute nutritional strategies and restoration systems to get your recovery started before you even leave the gym.


You’ll never out exercise a crappy diet.


You’ll fall short of your goals without exercise.


You’ll experience fewer results without adequate recovery.


Put them all together and experience success at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training.


Remember we’re the only gym in town that let’s your try before you buy.  We’ll give you 14 days free of charge and treat you like a lifetime member from day one.  We want to earn your trust and join in your success.


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