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The Life of an Intern

written by Mike Robertson

My name is Nick Rosencutter. I have the privilege of doing my internship here at IFAST with two of the best fitness experts in the game in Mike and Bill.  I come from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to finish up my bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science and strength and conditioning.  I am a competitive powerlifter and have been obsessed with lifting and working out for years, seriously since high school. I have done some personal training the last couple years of school.

Let me start off by saying that IFAST is an amazing gym. If you are serious about training and want some real results and some real professional guidance, you need to be here. I have trained at various gyms over my training career ranging from your regular commercial gym (which I hopefully will never have to workout at regularly again) to a couple of hardcore serious gyms (which I feel right at home at). IFAST is easily one of the best I’ve been around.

You come in here and train and its all business. It is real programs and real results that cut right past all of the fluffy garbage that you will see at an average gym with trainers who have no business calling themselves trainers. I had known about Mike and Bill from reading many of their articles online from sites such as Elitefts and T-Nation. As soon as I spoke with Mike over the phone, I knew that this was where I wanted to come for my internship. I wanted to come and learn from the best and learn as much as I possibly could while I had the opportunity.

After being here for about eight weeks, I can honestly say that I could not have made a better decision. These guys know anything and everything about training. One of the unique things that I have been learning a lot about is corrective exercise. It is something that you really are not exposed to much in the fitness field, though I am quickly realizing that it should be. I am learning how to assess people to find things such as postural imbalances, sources of pain and asymmetries, and program to address issues that are found. Building individualized programs that help to fix these sorts of problems, eliminate pain, build muscle, and lose fat simultaneously are great and something that the majority of trainers you will come across could not even begin to do.

Whether you are an athlete looking to maximize performance or someone looking to lose weight and get in great shape, this is the place to come and do it. In addition to my new exposure to corrective exercise and extremely effective assessment procedures, I am also building on my knowledge of program building for different athletes, deepening my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, getting even better at exercises I thought I was good at (you can never be good enough), and broadening my horizons in every aspect of fitness and strength and conditioning.

All in all, I could not have picked a better place to intern at.

Mike Robertson

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