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The IFAST Physique Transformation Challenge

written by Mike Robertson

The IFAST Physique Transformation challenge started today, and I can’t wait to see how they do!

For those of you who missed my initial post, we have four trainees who are coming in three times per week in an effort to lose weight and get into great shape.  They will do this for the next 3 months, and the winner will receive 3 months of free training!

The first day was a little nutty – we had all of our typical AM clients, PLUS our four new trainees.  But I can honestly tell you that their excitement and enthusiasm has hade me fired up all day!

The primary reason we’re doing this is to show people that the Biggest Loser show sucks.  Okay, that may be a little harsh – I can appreciate the fact that they’re changing people’s lives, but the majority of the training and diet info they espouse sucks.

Our goal is to show people that you can absolutely lose weight at home, in real life, and not the vacuum that is the Biggest Loser ranch.  On top of that, we’re going to show people that you don’t have to be cool and/or fancy with the training – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with intelligent training, and built in progressions to help clients succeed.  Sorry, but you won’t see any of our contestants doing box jumps, lunges on Bosu balls, or any of the other crap they pass off as “training” on the show.

Regardless, stay tuned for updates going forward – it should be a very cool 3 months!

Stay strong


Mike Robertson

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