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Testimonial from a Strongman!

written by Bill Hartman

I contacted Mike early in 2009 because of an injury I received during a heavy deadlift session.  The injury was one that wasn’t getting better over time, and I kept spinning my wheels trying to work around the injury.  I drove to Indianapolis to get a thorough assessment by Mike and Bill, and found that my flexibility in my hips and lower body was awful, especially for a 24 year old!

At first, I was dubious of changing the way I’ve been training.  It’s obvious now that one should consult someone like the guys at IFAST if they want to find and fill the holes in your training that you may not know are there.

I also had to resort to distance training because of the mileage between my home and IFAST.  Mike was great at answering any e-mail questions that I had, as well as analyzing videos of my lifts to tweak my form.  Even if you live multiple states away, you can still take advantage of these guys’ knowledge.

With the help of Mike and Bill, I am now able to squat and train without any pain.  Without a doubt, the guys at IFAST are the ones to talk to if you want to improve your flexibility, rehab an injury, or just learn how to optimize your training.

Thanks again guys!

Zach Snyder

Bill Hartman

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