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Testimonial – Ally D.

written by Mike Robertson

I can’t thank Mike and Bill enough for everything they have done for me. I am not training to compete, but I am working on getting into the best shape I possibly can. After working out at IFAST for 3 months I am much stronger, I have better posture, and I have much more energy.

I have always been active and enjoy working out, but it wasn’t until I joined IFAST that I truly understood how I should be working out. Mike and Bill’s training knowledge is amazing! We are truly lucky to have such an amazing team right here in Indianapolis!!

My favorite thing about iFAST is that they don’t treat me like a girl. That may sound funny, but it is true. They push me just like they push the guys in the gym. They make sure I am challenging my body to perform the best it can.

Thanks guys! You are the best!!

Ally D.

Mike Robertson

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