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Results From Our First Powerlifting Meet

written by Zach Moore

Our 5-year anniversary party and unsanctioned powerlifting meet are now in the books, and I am happy to say that both were a huge success!  We had a great turnout at both events and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Cathy and Lisa after taking part in the charity bootcamp the morning of the meet.
Cathy and Lisa after taking part in the charity bootcamp the morning of the meet.

I have always wanted to work at a gym that has a supportive and community oriented atmosphere, and IFAST definitely has this.  This past weekend really affirmed that as many clients were chatting and laughing with one another.  It was also cool to see many clients in the audience cheering on other clients who were competing in the meet.

Today, I want to share with you the results from the powerlifting meet.  First, I just want to congratulate all of the lifters because they did great.  Overall, the meet went very smooth, and I am hoping we have another meet sometime soon, or at least one a year.  So be on the lookout if you are interested in competing.

Last week I provided a brief primer on the sport of powerlifting and introduced you to some of our lifters.  So here is how they did.

Monica Moehring – As I mentioned last week, this was Monica’s first meet and she rocked it!  She went 9/9 and her best lifts were: Squat – 159lbs , Bench Press – 104lbs , Deadlift – 204lbs

Buffy Linville – This was also Buffy’s first meet.  She is definitely a strong woman and what is even more impressive is that she only decided to compete a few days before the event.  So even without prepping for the meet she put up some impressive numbers.  Her best lifts were: Squat – 93lbs, Bench Press – 110lbs, Deadlift – 242lbs

Jason Bruder – This was Jason’s first meet and I am hoping to convince him to do more in the future.  Jason is a super strong guy!  He is also awesome to work with because he will pretty much lift anything I tell him:)  Jason put up a big total of 1163lbs – his best lifts were – Squat – 386lbs, Bench Press – 320lbs, Deadlift – 458lbs

Emme Moore – This was Emme’s third meet and she was able to hit personal bests on all three lifts!  Her hard work in the offseason definitely paid off.  Emme went 7/9 and her best lifts were – Squat – 215lbs, Bench Press – 115lbs, Deadlift – 264lbs

Gabe Landis – Squat – 314lbs, Bench Press – 203lbs, Deadlift – 451lbs

Andrew Meadows – Squat – 355lbs , Bench Press – 205lbs, Deadlift – 440lbs

We also had four other lifters who are friends of IFAST members.  These lifters also had great days and they made the meet a lot of fun as well.

I just want to say congratulations to all of the lifters and a big thanks to all of the IFAST family that came out and supported our lifters, and/or made the evening party a great event.  I hope we can continue to rock at IFAST and have an even bigger and better 10-year party!  Thanks everyone!

Zach Moore

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