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Of Dirty Dishes and IFAST Clients

written by Mike Robertson


The other day I was reminded of my first real job.  Growing up on a farm I always had to do things like cut the grass, bail hay, etc., but I’m talking about my first job where I had to actually drive to work, got a real paycheck, etc.

I worked at a local restaurant named Shoney’s.  I’m not sure how many of you even remember this place, but it was kind of like a Golden Corral before they became popular.  I decided to work there because Kambi (a good girlfriend of mine) was a server there, and she promised she could get me a job.

The job obviously had benefits – I actually made some money, got to work with a good friend, and at the end of every shift my bros in the back would hook me up with a serious bacon cheeseburger.

NEVER discount the power of a well-cooked bacon cheeseburger.

The downside, however, was the fact that as a dishwasher/table busser, I was kept pretty busy.  Not to mention the fact that all it takes is cleaning peoples plates for 5 or 6 hours to really put a dent in your appetite!

I clearly remember on one particular Sunday when I was scheduled to work at 6 am.  It was weird because this was the first time I’d ever worked a Sunday, and I wasn’t fully aware of what the terms “all-you-can-eat buffet” meant to me as the ONLY busser scheduled that morning.

I kid you not, this was one of the single worst days of my life.  It was like a sea of dishes – I would start to get things caught up, and then I’d get slammed when the next 10 tables got up at the same time.

People were constantly coming in and out, eating about five times more than they probably should, and dirtying up so many plates I never did get caught up until the buffet finished around 2 pm. My back and shoulders ached for at least 3 days afterwords.  It was ridiculous.

Needless to say, that was the last Sunday I ever worked!  But more importantly, I thought about why bussing tables and washing dishes bugged me so much…

It was damn near impossible to quantify any progress. It seemed as though the more tables I bussed, the more dishes I cleared, it didn’t matter.  I wasn’t getting caught up, and it was never-ending.  It was a revolving door of dishes.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, how in the hell does this relate to IFAST clients?

Well, it means everything if you ask me.

When Bill and I opened our gym, we had a very clear concept in our minds – most importantly, we knew we weren’t going to cater to the typical bros in your local fitness facility.  We wanted people that were serious about progress – dropping pounds, adding muscle, or simply getting stronger.

The bottom line was, we wanted to see progress.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for moral victories from time-to-time, but numbers don’t lie.

If you’ve been checking out our blog lately, you’ll see the before and afters of our clients.  These are real people, achieving real results.

At IFAST, we have everything from the typical fat loss clients who’s trying to get in better shape, up to elite level powerlifters and Olympic-level athletes.  Everyone gets along, because everyone there is goal-oriented and focused on improving themselves.

If you’re serious about improving yourself and seeing what you can do, why not contact us today?  There’s no need to wait for the New Year – get  a 3 month jump start on everyone else and get started today!

Give us a call at 317.578.0998 or shoot us an e-mail to [email protected].  You won’t regret your decision!

Stay strong


Mike Robertson

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