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Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training Vertical Jump Update and more

written by Bill Hartman

We’ve been busy here at IFAST for the last couple weeks.¬† Mike has returned from his speaking trip to Australia and will soon be back on Indiana time. ūüôā¬† We’re glad he’s back as the influx of new members has seen several of our¬†most popular¬†time slots fill up.¬† Not to worry as we’re ready to start new early morning and early evening groups at the drop of hat.

The battle for Vertical Jump supremecy to a giant leap this past week.¬† Ben J. and Jim H. have been quietly working toward setting PR’s in the vertical jump test ever since Ben joined IFAST.¬† They were within a couple inches of each other until Jim recently hit a jump of over 32″.¬† Not bad for 48 year old guy. Yes, I said 48.¬† I bet there’s a large group of athletes out there in Indy that’d like to know how he did it.

Here’s something interesting…We were told yesterday that we were crazy for giving away free 14-day memberships to give Indianapolis and fishers athletes and fitness enthusiasts an opportunity to try out the gym and experience the difference between indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training and all the other gyms, health clubs, and personal trainers in Indianapolis.

So, I guess that makes us crazy, eh?

We get it.¬† We know that for most people, they don’t have the time to research who’s the best trainer, where’s the best gym, and how to get the fastest results here in Indy.¬† We also know that there’s nothing anyone can say or advertise that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch to get you to give up your hard earned money.¬† In most cases, folks are disappointed but are locked into a membership that they can’t get out of because it’s too late.

That’s why we do what we do.¬† We’re not going to try to sell you a membership.¬† We’re simply going to show you why we’re the best in all of the Indianapolis area fitness centers, gyms, or performance centers.

Do you think you’d like to give us a try at no cost and no obligation?¬† Take this little self-test first:

1. Do you try to park as close to the front door as you can so you can walk on the treadmill at the gym for 30 minutes while watching TV?

2.  Do you like to train alone in total solitude without your own group of friends supporting your efforts to improve your performance or lose weight?

3.  Do you try to avoid working with the top trainers in the city who are well-known on a national and international scale for getting results?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need to go somewhere else.

We don’t have treadmills and TV’s.¬† You’ll train with your very own support group of people just like you working to achieve their fitness and sports training goals.¬† And yes, we’ll prove to you that we’re the best….for free.

Call 578-0998 to set up your assessment.

Bill Hartman

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