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Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training Success Updates

written by Bill Hartman

It’s a busy week this week at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training as usual. 

It seems that word is getting around Indy that IFAST is the place to get results.  We’re starting more new clients each week.

Here’s a few highlights:

Garrett D. has been with us for just 2 weeks and he’s lost 14 pounds and shows no signs of slowing down.

Bob J., who was told to stop exercising by doctors because of a several decades of lower back pain, is practically pain-free and is now more active than anyone expected and leading by example in training his group of young wrestlers.

Alonia C. won her first figure competition (on her first try no less) and has just started to prepare to take her second title in about 12 weeks.

Aaron C. has begun is weightlifting (the Olympic kind) training here at IFAST.  In talking to him after his training session tonight, he commented “how could anyone not fit in here.  This is obviously the place for serious people to get results.”

I think he’s right.  Of course we agree, but we’re biased here at IFAST.  If you haven’t been here and experienced the atmosphere that leads to success in whatever your fitness training, weight loss, or sports performance goals may be, you won’t understand.

That’s why we always make it easy for you.

You get to experience IFAST for free.  You’ll be treated like a member from day one.  That includes your complete functional assessment, your personalized training program geared toward achieving your goals, and six free coaching sessions.  No one in the Indianapolis fitness industry can match our offer or our results.

We’ll prove it to you for free.  Call 578-0998 to set up your free assessment.

Bill Hartman

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