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Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training: Changing Your Weight Loss Approach

written by Bill Hartman

I think we’ve set an IFAST (Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training) record over the last 10-14 days for new assessments.  The interesting thing was the common theme among several of our new fitness clients who are interested in improving their body composition (lose fat and firm up their bodies).

At IFAST, we intentionally attract serious fitness enthusiasts, so our new fitness clients were already working hard.  Thing is they’ve stopped seeing results.  This is not uncommon as many weight loss clients will have hit a plateau at one time or another.

The point you need to understand is that a plateau is just a sign that your body has adapted to your fat loss program, and it’s time to make a change in your eating plan and/or your fat loss exercise program.

The most common theme is that people trying to lose weight will typically rely on longer durations of “cardio” and a lot less food.  Problem is that your body may get defensive and actually retain unwanted body fat by slowing down your metabolism.  This oftentimes leads to frustration for the weight loss client and results in “falling off the wagon” and a failure to reach their fat loss goals.

The Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training weight loss programs are specifically designed to maintain exercise intensity which is a key component to fat loss training that many people are unaware of.  The result is faster fat loss and fewer plateaus along the way.  That means you’ll reach your fat loss goals quicker and with less frustration.

Don’t forget you won’t find an Indianapolis personal trainer that will give you 14 days of full membership just to prove their worth like we do at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training.  We show you why we’re different, and why our clients are more successful?

Bill Hartman

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