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IFAST Client Spotlight: Daphne Farrington

written by Zach Moore

Today, I would like to introduce you to one of our newest members at IFAST – Daphne Farrington.  In the future, I hope to display more of the awesome clients we have at IFAST.  Not only will it give us a chance to highlight our clients’ successes, but it will also allow you to see the wide variety of people that train at IFAST.

So, back to Daphne.  Daphne is now entering her 5th week at IFAST and has made some pretty awesome progress.  I will let her tell you a little about herself, but I want to point out that in the past month she has already dropped 7 pounds and almost 4% bodyfat.  Her movement and strength have also greatly improved.  Needless to say, she is killing it!


Daphne, can you start off by telling us a little about yourself?

I am a full-time clinical research scientist at Eli Lily and am also going to school at night to finish my master’s degree in biochemistry.  I enjoy music, reading, watching NCAA football (Notre Dame) and basketball (IU and Xavier), but currently grad school limits this list. 🙂

What brought you to IFAST?

The need to remove the extra pounds gained from the past decade of having a desk job was the initial reason.  The reason I landed at IFAST was wanting to do it right by changing my lifestyle, by cleaning up my diet, and getting back in the gym.  In addition, IFAST has certified, experienced, highly educated professionals to set the workout, make sure execution is correct, and kick my butt if needed.

How has your experience been so far?  Don’t be nice either – let us know the truth. 🙂

My experience has been great!!! The staff is always happy to see you. The other clients are friendly and welcoming. It is FUN and challenging. Going from semi-private Pilates class has been an adjustment. This is not today’s typical gym. For me, it is reminiscent of weight training in the off season for swim team in high school with the football team. For the past several years, doing Pilates, which I really enjoy, is a different vibe. I had forgotten what it was like to hang out with the guys. The 80s metal music sometimes induces flashbacks. 🙂

Only complaint may be that the gym sometimes feels like a smelly “boy” gym. At Pilates, we wipe down all equipment with disinfectant….where at IFAST I sweat more and clean equipment less. Sorry, I am a germ-a-phobe but am slowly being trained through desensitization provided by marriage. If I could autoclave the world…..

(Note from Zach:  We are currently working to improve our cleanliness at IFAST.  We are implementing cleaning times throughout the day to make it look and smell nicer.  🙂  Thanks for the honest feedback, Daphne!)

What makes IFAST different from other gyms you have been to?

The assessment to evaluate your mobility, challenges, posture, and body fat is very thorough. IFAST provides a program tailored to my needs and areas that need improvement. Recently with an increase in driving a car with a manual transmission, hip and back discomfort has been an issue. It has already been helping.  IFAST has a holistic approach to athletes and their performance addressing all aspects such as nutrition, stress reduction, and the importance of sleep.

Finally, what do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?

When my husband of 11 years asked me in week 3 if I bought new “skinny” jeans.  Same jeans…just a different body. 🙂

That is awesome!!  Thanks so much for the interview, Daphne!

Zach Moore

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