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I-FAST #2 – Fitness Coaching

written by Mike Robertson

Let’s be honest – personal training and performance coaching isn’t cheap. Most people out there simply can’t afford to pay $80/hour (or more) multiple times per week to work with you.

So what’s an alternative that works as a win-win for everyone involved? Small group training. In fact, we’ll be offering almost all our training sessions in a small group format versus a one-on-one setting.

Small group training is superior in several regards:

– As mentioned above, not everyone can pay $80/session multiple times per week. However, a lot more people can pay $30-$40/session (Duh!). Quite simply, you open yourself up to a much larger market because you’re more affordable than the competition.

– A small group setting gives trainees a chance to work out with other clients who have similar goals. Whether you want to lose body fat, get stronger, or become more athletic, there’s nothing better than being surrounded by other motivated people.

– As a facility or trainer, it makes more sense because you can have more trainees working out at any given time. The one-on-one method leads to a lot of down time; chatting about last night’s TV shows or the latest gossip. Sure, as a trainer you’re going to work harder in a group model, but you’re much more efficient with your time in the gym. After all, who wants to work with a trainer at 7 pm when he’s been in the gym since 6 am?

The goal is to cater to two primary demographics: the everday Joe/Jane that’s interested in losing bodyfat or getting into better shape, and athletes who want to take their performance to the next level. When you think about it, the rules of training don’t change all that much between the two groups:

1 – Use compound, big bang exercises
2 – Eat a wholesome, nutritious diet
3 – Recover properly

Sure the programming will be different in certain areas, but most people need to train more “athletically” to get to their goals anyway!

The group training model is a defining difference between I-FAST and the competition. Remember our primary goal: To help YOU achieve your goals.


Stay strong

Mike Robertson

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