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How to Stretch Effectively

written by Mike Robertson

At IFAST, we’re big on a holistic style of programming.

In other words, every program is going to have some element of soft-tissue work, stretching, strength training, cardiovascular or energy system training, etc.

One of the hot topics of today is stretching.  We all know that stretching is “good,” but a key ingredient to a stretching program is using the right type of stretch at the right time.

While we use numerous forms of stretching, the basic types include the following:

–    Dynamic/movement-based stretching
–    Static stretching (think “bend-over and touch your toes”, although we almost never use that one!)
–    Eccentric quasi-isometrics – which is really a fancy term for an active stretch used at the end of the workout

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, or improved sport performance, using the right stretch at the right time can make a world of difference in how you move and feel.

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All the best

Mike Robertson

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