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How IFAST Prepares You For Everyday Tasks

written by Zach Moore

One of my favorite things about my job as a trainer is hearing clients tell me about how much better they feel after having worked with us at IFAST.  One comment they often make is how much stronger and confident they feel carrying out everyday tasks such as transporting their children, carrying groceries, moving heavy boxes, etc. after having been at IFAST for a while.  I love hearing this!

It is often assumed that people only workout to improve their body composition and their “heart and lungs”, but our workouts at IFAST do much more than that – they prepare you for everyday life.

What do I mean by this?  Well, I am talking about all of the things I listed above – little things you encounter during everyday life that become more and more challenging as we age.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, strength, muscle, and bone density decrease as we age.  This means that tasks which may have been easy when we were younger become harder as we get older.  For example, I work with several moms who have reported that they had a hard time handling their children, but after coming to IFAST they feel much better about this.

A lot of men who felt confident in their strength and ability to do “manly” tasks become less confident about these things as they age.  It may be that they lack the balance or the strength to carry them out safely.

How many of you have heard of someone straining their back moving furniture, playing golf, or doing some other similar activity?  Unfortunately, it is very common.

These injuries are largely due to poor movement and a lack of strength both of which we work hard to help our clients improve.

Another benefit of our workouts is that they increase your energy and stamina.  This means that you can keep up with your kids more easily, stay more productive throughout the day, and just feel better overall.

A lot of people feel bad about making time for themselves to work out, but by taking an hour or so to workout you can actually boost your productivity and energy and, therefore, get more done throughout the day.  You can also help yourself become more self-sufficient and confident to carry out everyday activities and protect yourself from potential injuries.

This means you will not only be benefiting yourself, but also your employer, your family, and your friends by working out and improving your fitness and strength.

So make time for yourself, and get in a good workout a few times a week.  If you need help getting started make sure to call us at 317.578.0998.

Have a great week!

Zach Moore

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