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Fall in love with “The Grind”

written by Mike Robertson

I had a good discussion with Chris, one of our early fat loss clients today about “The Grind.”

With the holidays firmly behind us, it’s normal to resent the fact that we now have to get back to reality!  Work, school, and other commitments all get in the way.  But is this really a bad thing?

The good thing about all this is routine.  Whether your goal is to get bigger, stronger, improve your sport-specific skills, etc., being in a routine is generally a good thing.  You’re more likely to follow your diet.  You’re more likely to get all your workouts in.

Quite simply, you’re more likely to do all the things that help you achieve your goal!

So even though we all resent the daily grind a bit, understand that the normalcy of routine will help you get to where you want to be!

Stay strong


Mike Robertson

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