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Dedication and Focus

written by Mike Robertson

I’m really trying hard to not be a crotchety old man.

You know, the guy who relives his glory days and talks about how all the kids of today are punks.  But honestly, there are some times when I do feel that way.  I guess it comes with the territory – I am 30 now!

I’m constantly reminded, however, how great some of the kids are that come into IFAST.  On Saturday, we have two outstanding young men who travel anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to train here.  They’re discplined, focused, and they work their butts off each and every time they come in.  Quite simply, they make our job really easy, and I’m sure they’re going to see the results pay off in the form of better on-field performance and a decreased likelihood of injury.

Yesterday, I was reminded of this again.  Two of our clients are college age kids, and they’re getting into the sport of powerlifting.  Now I know these two – they are notorious for sleeping to ridiculous hours in the day, so when I told them I was training at 10 am on a Sunday I figured there was no way they were going to make it.

Boy, did they prove me wrong!

Not only did they show up on time, but they trained extremely hard as well.  I think I even felt a little bad – the LAST thing I was worried about when I was 19 was getting up to hit a training session Sunday morning.  And here these guys were busting their butts first thing in the morning.

The more I’m around these two the more I like them; they both go to school full-time, have jobs, and they train hard when they come in the gym.  I couldn’t really ask for more.

If you want to come in and see for yourself what the gym is like, give us a call at 317.578.0998 to set-up a time to meet with Bill, myself, or even Nick the Intern.  We’d love the opportunity to show you why our clients consistently get results.

Stay strong


Mike Robertson

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