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Case Study: How IFAST Can Improve Your Golf Swing

written by Zach Moore

Today, I want to tell you a story about my client and good friend, Jason Bruder.  JB, as I like to call him, loves him some golf.  Every time he comes into the gym he wants to talk golf.  He is also able to convince me every now and then to head out to the course with him, which always ends up being a great time.

One of the things that is common with many golfers, including Jason, is their lack of hip mobility.  Ideally, in a golf swing you rotate your hips to generate a lot of power.  If you lack hip mobility, then during the swing you are going to get most of your motion from your back (not good) or you are going to try to rotate your hips past the point they are capable causing irritation and pain.

A lot of hip rotation

Another likely outcome of poor hip mobility is swaying the hips during the swing.  Instead of rotating your hips, you sway them to the side, which often leads to an open club face at impact.  As you can imagine, this is also not good – I am talking major slicing.

Jason originally came to IFAST to get stronger and to be healthy.  He had no goals of improving his golf swing, but he began to notice differences right away.

During the very thorough IFAST assessment that every client receives, our physical therapist Bill Hartman realized right away that Jason needed to improve his hip mobility.  Bill did not at the time know that Jason was a golfer, but he knew that hip mobility was an important area for Jason to improve so he included drills to increase it.

As I worked with Jason and found out that he was a golfer, I was able to explain to him why it was important for his golf swing.  He began to be more aware during his swing when he was rotating from his hips versus swaying them or rotating largely from his back.

This is important to note because it is one of the most beneficial things about training at IFAST.  You become more aware of your body mechanics and posture.  You learn to contract the proper muscles and sequence them together to produce an efficient movement.

This is what we did with Jason.  We knew he lacked hip mobility so we went after that.  After his hip mobility improved we took him to movements to strengthen his core so he could remain rigid during a big backswing and transfer that force to the club head.  We also worked to strengthen his hips so he could rotate more powerfully.

I am happy to say that it has paid off.  Jason still needs a little more mobility in his hips, but he was able to shoot his best round of the year (even par) and tied for first in his league.  Nice job, JB!!

So, I hope this little story helps you see that IFAST tailors our programs to fit your needs and goals.  Not everyone is going to be doing hip mobility drills because not everyone needs them.  This is why cookie cutter programs are not as effective at producing results.  At IFAST, your program will be completely unique to you so you can achieve your goal(s) faster and more efficiently.

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Zach Moore

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