How Can I Cut 15 Minutes from My Workout?
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Q&A: How Can I Cut 15 Minutes from My Workout?

written by Mike Robertson

mike indy 11As much as we all love to train, sometimes life gets in the way.

But rather than skipping a workout all together because you’re “busy,” is there a better way to do things?

I’m a big believer that consistency is king when it comes to getting (and staying) in shape.

I’m not sure who said it, but the best workout ever is the 3×52 program.

Three workouts, 52 weeks out of the year, and BOOM!

You’ve got a stronger, healthier and more athletic body.

So what do you do if you want to get in the gym and train, but don’t have enough time for your whole workout?

Here are a few options that can help!

Option #1 – Cut the Unessential

If your coach is programming correctly, there should be very little “fluff” in your workouts.

Every set, rep, exercise, etc., should have a reason for being in there.

However, I’ll start by taking out the foam rolling (resets work better, anyway).

Another option would be to skip anything in your workout that doesn’t apply to your immediate goal.

For instance if you’re trying to build muscle, but you are doing conditioning to stay in shape, you could skip the conditioning portion of your workout that day.

The nice thing with cutting the unessential is that you still get the most important bases covered from your training session.

However, I prefer Option #2 better.

Option #2 – The Skim Approach

If I have to cut down on someone’s training session, this is my preferred approach.

Instead of removing any of the 7 R’s, we simply cut down on the volume of each.

For example, if you normally do 4-5 sets of your resets, that day you’d do 3-4.

3 sets of lunges? This session do 2.

10 sets of Prowler sprints? Try 6-8. (Deep down, you’re secretly thanking me for this!)

A good general rule is to drop the volume by 30-40%. This not only expedites your training, but being active (versus taking a day off) will help facilitate recovery as well.

So there are two options, but we all like threes, so here’s one more you can try…

Option #3 – The “I’m Going to Do SOMETHING” Workout

Let’s be honest with each other:

If you have to cut down on your training session, then something is going on outside of the gym to impact your training.

Maybe something unexpected came up at home.

Or you’re stressed at work.

After all, life happens.

And as much as I want you to be consistent with your training, sometimes, it’s better to just get out and be active than get in the gym.

If I’m being realistic, it takes time and effort to get to the gym.

Instead of making the gym another stressor in your life (“I HAVE to get my training session in or I’ll lose all my progress!!!!!”), take the opposite approach.

Get what you need to do done in life, and then go for a walk at the end of your day.

Take your kids to the park and run around.

Find some way to be active that day, and then get back on your routine ASAP.

This isn’t a license to start skipping workouts whenever life throws you a curveball, but it’s absolutely permission to cut yourself some slack and be human.


So there you have it – three simple ways you can cut 15 minutes (or more) from your workout, when the need arises.

I hope it helps!

All the best


Mike Robertson

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