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How Can a 30 Day Challenge Help You?

written by Jason Neal

If you’ve been in the gym lately, you might have seen some signs floating around asking if you’d like to win $500 or get a nutrition plan that is made for you. These signs are not just flare for my lovely desk. They are promoting our upcoming challenge, Fit by the Fourth! I had a client recently ask “Why do we have these 30 challenges? I thought this was a marathon, not a sprint.” This was great question. Yes, more than likely any fitness goal you have will be best seen with the the long game in mind, but a challenge can absolutely help support long term goals. Here are ways that I see a challenge being beneficial to your long-term goals and how you could benefit!

Dialing In

A challenge is a great tool for dialing whatever may be your weakest link. If your weakest link is consistency in your workouts, meal planning, or tracking your progress a challenge could be a tremendous tool for getting things sighted in to go after that long-term goal. They can be a great way to get the ball rolling and lay a foundation of good habits that support what your long-term goal may be.


Easier to Digest

Another benefit to a month-long challenge is that they are much more palatable than someone throwing down a 12-month calendar of training and nutrition and telling you to follow it. I’m not saying a 30-day challenge is easy, but it is much easier to take into account the things you may face in 30 days rather than 6 months or a year. You can look at your calendar for the month and have a strategy for all of the events that may try and slip you up. Life is never predictable but 30 days are certainly more predictable than 180 days.


How can it benefit everyone’s fitness journey?

In my opinion, individuals at both ends of the spectrum could benefit from what a challenge has to offer. Maybe you have a higher body fat, struggle with nutrition, and need guidance.  A 30-day challenge could be a great way get you started in your fitness journey. The challenge would you give structure and support. This will be a good time to develop habits of planning, prepping, and discipline. After your 30 days of intense focus you will witness changes and hopefully those changes are what can motivate and propel you further along your fitness journey.

At the other end of the spectrum, maybe we have a client that is so close to a body fat percentage goal they can almost see the muscles or striations they want. 30 days of intense focus might just be what you need to blow everyone away at your 4th of July party.

We use challenges to build community, create healthy competition, and help people reign in focus to reach their goals. Sign up by May 26th to be a part of our Fit by the Fourth Challenge. For more information ask your coach for details or talk to me at the front desk! Have a great rest of your week!

Jason Neal

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