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Best Gym In Indianapolis?

written by Mike Robertson

We just received a new testimonial from one of our clients and thought we’d share it with you. Thanks, Allie! 🙂

Wow! Thank you sooo much for making those instructional videos for me and for all of your guidance and patience with teaching me the exercises today. : )

I’m very motivated and determined to work on my physical limitations and get myself stronger and healthier. Everyone at IFAST is extremely friendly and professional. They make the well-being of their clients a serious priority.

I feel confident that, under your guidance, the results of Bill Hartman’s assessment and “game plan” for me, will get me (and keep me) stronger and safer as I get older — and, no doubt, allow me a much greater quality of life!

Thanks to ALL of you for all you do! I have now seen, firsthand, why my son moved to Indy — to be surrounded by the tops in the field. And, now, I’ll be joining him in singing your praises! 😉 Thanks again for everything! 🙂


Mike Robertson

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