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4 Reasons and 1 Secret Why HitFit Beats Up (Pun Intended) Any Other Group Workout

written by Tony Giuliano

We launched HitFit, our take on group boxing, last year and the response has been amazing! In order to celebrate our success, here are some important takeaways from our resident HitFitters:


1) It’s Not Just Your Arms, It is a TOTAL Body Workout

“When I started HitFit I used my upper body exclusively, burning up my gas tank and tiring out my arms. Once Tony taught me more technique and how to relax my upper body, it shifted more of the load to my hips, legs, and core. This created a total body workout that helps me box at a higher level for a longer period of time with each HitFit class.”

 – Aaron “The Bull” Hebda


When you practice good technique while you are punching things to death, it shouldn’t feel like your arms are melting off your body. Yes, arm strength and endurance plays a role, but once you get some foundational technique under your belt, you will be surprised on the sheer amount of muscles you work while you are jabbing your way through the workout.



2) You Learn While You Work Out

“IFAST’s HitFit classes goes beyond what you get from a typical boxing gym. Tony dives deeper by teaching the footwork and technical piece of the sport through various drills. I’m learning, but still getting my heart rate high enough in order to call the class a workout. Each session is not only different but builds off of the former so I look forward to coming back the following week.”

– Kathryn “K-Dawg” Voelker


You can box at home or at a commercial gym, set a timer, and get a good workout in. Adjusting your intensity is the easy part and any coach can make a workout feel hard. We make sure that you learn the proper way to step, jab and cross your way through out workouts, because good technique minimizes injury risk and the more consistent you work out, the more consistent your results will be.



3) You work SMARTER, Not HARDER

HitFit Boxing at IFAST is a challenge but certainly a manageable one. As someone who has never boxed before, I appreciate the first 15 minutes that are spent on learning and perfecting techniques. As the class progresses the level of intensity increases through various drills that put the techniques to the test. Not only do I walk away as a better boxer, but also with a great work out and an elevated heart rate.”

-Lauren “Lil’ Heathen” Voelker


Training is complex, and having an experienced coach around maximizes your progress by learning when to push your training or when to hit the brakes.



4) Joining a Community That Helps You Grow!

“One of the reasons I keep coming back to HitFit is because of how encouraging the environment is. No matter what we are working on – from mitt work to agility drills and fun games like flag tag – everyone has a good time and laughs together.”

–Alissa “I’m Going to Destroy You” Birkel


It doesn’t help your workout consistency when you dislike the gym you go to. Luckily for you, we have our classes filled with fantastic clients (much like yourself!) who are here to get better, and raise everyone along with them. They come for the workouts, but stay for the laughter, jokes, and occasional intern target practice.


Now that you have heard some of our HitFitter’s experiences here, it is time to let you in on the deep, dark secret out HitFit classes. . . .


The class isn’t just boxing, but it is boxing-focused. That means that we will push, lift, and run if it means it will help our boxing game! This allows us to truly be unique in our approach, because you will rarely see a gym that combines smart group training and conditioning with boxing the way we do. We have the world’s best people boxing here, along with coaches whose job it is to make sure you reach your goals. So what are you waiting for, come in and use an intern for target practice try a free class today!


Tony Giuliano

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