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Another Awesome IFAST Testimonial

written by Bill Hartman

This one comes from new distance client Betsy. If you’re on the fence about coming into IFAST, what are you waiting for? Please call us at 317.578.0998 or email at [email protected] to see how IFAST can help you look, move and feel like an athlete!


Dear Mike,

I just want to say Thank You!!!!

Yesterday, being with you group was such a great experience!

Please thank Bill for me. I would do so myself but I don’t have his e-mail.  He was wonderful!  Very encouraging and so knowledgeable. I really appreciated the time he took with me. He was very committed in evaluating me and then helping me understand everything. Also, it was great watching and listening to him as he helped educate his intern gain the knowledge he would need to be able to diagnose and help other people.

Oh my, the amount of time you spent with me!  The dedication to making sure I went through every exercise and understood every aspect of it was phenomenal.  Billy and Eric were so patient and encouraging as we worked through everything. Finding different ways to explain everything when I was struggling to understand. If Billy didn’t know the answer to the question I was asking he just stated he didn’t and went in search for Eric or Bill to make sure he was giving me the right information. I really respected that. Thank you.

Also, Jae at the front desk was both compassionate and professional.  He helped me when I called and was clearly a bit frantic. Wondering whether to go ahead and come in or cancel the day I was scheduled because of my health.  He was calm and helped seek out the information I need to make the right decision. Then, very accommodating to set up an appointment last minute. Again thank you.

I’m very blessed to have been apart of your training and assessment. I’m excited to begin the program you set out for me and am looking forward to continuing work with you and your staff.

Can’t wait to share with Jim my experience.  Working on my dead lift, the right way, just put a smile on my face. My husband said I came back to the hotel with a glow.

Looking forward to working with everyone again and hopefully meeting you in person.



Bill Hartman

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