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Another AMAZING IFAST Testimonial!

written by Mike Robertson

After tearing my ACL and having reconstructive surgery in July of 2010, I spent 6 months in physical therapy and a few additional months working out on my own trying to gain full knee function back.

In March of 2011, I went on a cruise and was disappointed when looking at pictures of myself.  As a prior collegiate athlete, I didn’t feel as though I looked or felt like an athlete any more.  After surgery and up until this point, I had lost muscle, gained weight, and knew my knee function was nowhere close to ideal.

I tried working out on my own but was struggling to understand how to adjust workouts based on a weak left knee.  I finally admitted to myself that I couldn’t do this on my own any longer.  I started talking with Mike and knew changing from my current downtown Indianapolis gym to IFAST was completely the right choice.

At IFAST, I received a full fitness assessment and individualized training program along with one-on-one coaching during my workouts.  There is truly no other gym in Indianapolis quite like IFAST!

I’ve been back at IFAST for 3 months and can’t fathom being anywhere else.  I always feel pushed to workout at my highest potential, and the entire IFAST team consistently provides form correction and technique advice which is invaluable information that I would never know on my own.  Four incredible things have happened since returning to IFAST in just the past few months:

  1. My knee progress is getting better each and every day as pain has diminished and strength has consistently increased.
  2. I’ve experienced incredible strength gains in upper body and lower body lifts.  This includes the recent milestone of completing full sets of floor pushups.
  3. I’ve lost 13 pounds to date.
  4. And thankfully, I feel like an athlete again for the first time since knee surgery.

I can’t thank the IFAST team enough for their endless effort and encouragement.  There is no other gym in Indianapolis (or probably the entire U.S.) that compares to the IFAST gym.

The knowledge level is world class – seriously, it is crazy how much the IFAST team knows about weight training, gaining strength, individual program development, corrective exercises, fat loss, form/technique… etc.  I could go on all day.

When you join IFAST, you not only get a gym… you get amazing progress and results that I haven’t been able to achieve at any other gym or with any personal trainer.   I always know that the IFAST team has my best interest in mind beyond anything else!

Mike Robertson

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