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An AWESOME compliment

written by Mike Robertson

Yesterday, I was in the midst of training several clients when one of our regulars came in; we’ll just call him Bill for now..  He mentioned he wanted to tell me something before, but couldn’t remember it. 

So I took Bill through his workout, and he absolutely killed it.  Now Bill isn’t trying to be an elite athlete or powerlifter, he’s just a guy who wants to get stronger, lose some body fat, and get into better shape.

And I can tell you this – he works his butt off each and every time he comes in the gym.

So we get him through his workout, sign him up for his next appointment, and off he goes.  2 minutes after leaving, he calls the gym and tells me this:

“I know I’m not an elite athlete or heavy lifter, but you guys treat me just like anyone else who comes in to your gym.  I really appreciate you taking care of me like that, and I feel that’s a big part of why you’re so successful.”

After having a not so great week, this really made my weekend. 

As I always talk about in this blog, I don’t care who you are, or what your goals are when coming to IFAST.  If you are motivated to improve yourself – with regards to your sports performance, losing body fat, or simply getting freaky strong – I want to help.  Working with Bill, and getting that amazing compliment, has only firmed up my resolve in that regard.

Have a great weekend!

Stay strong


Mike Robertson

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