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Aerobic exercise for fat loss?

written by Bill Hartman

We don’t have treadmills or TV’s at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST).

When our clients come to us for a weight loss program (actually, they want to lose body fat…muscle is the good stuff we want to keep), many are surprised that we don’t do a lot of LSD.  No, not the drug, but rather Long Slow Distance.

Most folks have been programmed by the popular media and many “fitness professionals” that the best fat loss program that promises faster fat loss is to hop on the treadmill and go for 30-60 minutes at a time.  That’s why when you go to most gyms, health clubs, fitness centers, or whatever, you’ll see that the treadmill, elipticals, and bikes outnumber all the other equipment combined.  You’ll also see a lot of frustrated fitness folks on the treadmills just trying to lose a few pounds.  Check back with them in a month or so, and you’ll see that they’re doing the same thing they were last month and nothing has changed.  Not a pound of difference from their expert recommended weight loss program.

Science and experience show that this is not the best fat loss programming.  Not by a long shot.

In direct comparison, alternating periods of higher intensity (greater effort) with periods of lower intensity are far superior to promoting fat loss than LSD.  This is called interval training.  

Fact is that you’ll spend less time performing interval training for fat loss that you ever will doing LSD aerobic exercise AND lose more fat in the process.

I was talking with one of the 6 a.m. group yesterday, Chris T.  He reported that he lost 4 pounds last week alone on his personalize fat loss program that we designed for him.  How’d you do last week with your weight loss program?

Do you want to see how fast you can reach your fat loss goal?  Do you want to see how we help our clients lose more fat faster than anyone in the city without TV’s and treadmills?

Call us now at 578-0998 and we’ll treat you like a member and show you FREE for 2 weeks just to prove it.



Bill Hartman

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