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Add Flavor to Your Next Cookout!

written by Lance Goyke

Here is a great way to add flavor to grilled meats!

If you’re growing tired of the same grilled foods, try adding a rub to wake up the flavor. Rubs are blends of herbs and spices that are gently pressed onto the surface of meat, poultry or fish prior to cooking.

You don’t need a recipe for a rub. Simply combine flavors that taste good together. The flavors usually become more pronounced the longer the seasoning is on the meat.

Try these rubs the next time you fire up the grill:

  •  Citrus rub. Combine grated lemon, orange, and/or lime peel with minced garlic and cracked pepper
  •  Pepper-garlic rub. Combine garlic powder, cracked black pepper and cayenne pepper
  •  Italian rub. Combine fresh or dried oregano, basil and rosemary with minced Italian parsley and garlic
  •  Herb rub. Combine fresh or dried marjoram, thyme and basil

What are some of your delicious grilling ideas?

Lance Goyke

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