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A Proud Moment

written by Mike Robertson

Last night, one of our new clients was telling us about his experience at a local gym.

One thing we always try to do with our clients is educate them.  WHY they’re doing a specific exercise.  HOW to do it correctly.  You know, the little things 😉

So as our client was doing his workout at the gym, and a few minutes later he notices one of the trainers taking his clients through the EXACT SAME EXERCISE he was just doing!  Now if this was a squat, lunge or bench press it wouldn’t be that interesting; but this was a very specific exercise that not many trainers would recognize or know how to coach.

The worst part, though?  This trainer had them doing the exericse completely wrong!  Our client actually went over and told the trainer his clients were doing the exercise incorrectly!

After thinking about it for a little while, I feel like many of our clients could probably give the average trainer a run for the money.

So who do you really want training you – an expert in the field, or someone who does this to fill up free time or make some extra cash?

The choice is yours.  Have a great St. Paddy’s day!

Stay strong


Mike Robertson

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