The results are in!

If you lifted in our 3rd Powerlifting Meet this past weekend, THANK YOU. Saturday was more fun than I’ve had in a long time. And I’ve had a lot of fun.

Plus, the house was PACKED.


Here is a list of everyone’s best lifts. The last column is something people use to compare lifters between weight classes, in case you’re worried about that stuff.

Some things to highlight

  • We had TWO deadlifts over 700 pounds. Hats off to Justin and Jake!
  • We had TWO bench presses over 400 pounds. Hats off to Justin (again) and Cody!
  • I swear Cody weighed in under 200 pounds, but he looks about 240.
  • Amanda deadlifted over 300 pounds!
  • Qudsiah’s bench press range of motion is about two inches.
  • We had TWO squats over 600 pounds. And no misses much over 400 pounds. As the head spotter, I greatly appreciate this.
  • Monica and Buffy, two of our clients who participated in the 2nd IFAST Powerlifting Meet, raised their totals 30kg and 25kg, respectively. WAY TO REPRESENT MY TEAM TRAINING PEOPLE!
  • Cullen, who has done all three of our meets, lost 22 pounds since the last meet!
  • Chris’s 501 pound deadlift was the longest rep of the meet. I swear that thing took ten seconds. Way to grind, Chris!


  1. Great meet guys!
    Not sure what to think about Shane and I being put in the 298lb weight class, though…


    1. Hahaha. You guys just looked bigger than everyone else. Fixed!


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