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written by Mike Robertson

IFAST FAM A few weeks ago, we held a Postural Restoration Institute  (PRI) course here at IFAST. If you’ve spent any amount of time here, and you’ve ever been asked to blow up a balloon, crush a foam roller while lying on your back, or do something else that looks a bit silly, chances are you’ve performed a PRI exercise.

And this leads me to a point – many fellow fitness pros would say IFAST is successful because we’re better on the technical side than our competition.

And while I’d like to disagree, I don’t think I can – because I think we’re better from an X’s and O’s perspective, too. And hosting courses like this is important, because we are always looking to get better.


So if you sauntered into IFAST that Friday it was like a “Who’s Who” of former IFAST interns.

The original, “Nick the Intern.”

British George.

Connor McNally.

Kyle (the Mantis).

Patrick (aka Latrick).

Liz Messina (Lizzimess).

Connor Ryan (The Mayor).

Of course Lance and Jae, who both interned, and have never really left (except for a few weeks here and there). Even Eric Oetter dumped PT school for the weekend to head back home.

They all came back in droves to participate and be a part of our course.

It was funny, because I think it probably felt more like Christmas to Bill, than his actual Christmas day would feel like!

But it got me thinking about what makes IFAST so unique.

Sure, we’re serious and dedicated about our craft. We’re always asking questions and seeking out ways to get better.

But I’m not sure that’s it.

I think the key ingredient to what makes IFAST, well, IFAST, is the fact that we’re one big, happy, and sometimes quirky, family.

reunionIt’s been a long time since I’ve been to a Robertson family reunion, but hopefully all of us have enjoyed that experience at least once.

There’s the people you really want to see, the people that you’re kind of excited to see, and there’s even crazy uncle Ned who you want to see just to hear stories and have a good laugh.

(Just don’t ask me which intern is which. I’m not telling.)

That’s kind of like our crew here. We’re a bit random and eccentric from time-to-time, but at the end of the day, we’re a family.

We care about each other, and our members.

We’re willing to do just about anything to make sure our staff and family are taken care of.

And if you ever need anything from us, we’re willing to put our own agenda aside in order to help.

That’s what’s different about us, or IFAST in general.

We care.

How many other gyms can legitimately say that?

Interns. Client. Staff. Past. Present. Future. Our IFAST family is the best. And I can’t wait to see where we grow from here.

Mike Robertson

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