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Something Cool Happened Today

written by Ty Terrell

Ty Terrell

You want to run faster…right?

Jump higher…right?

Check this out…

2 weeks ago today a football player for Purdue University started training with us.  He had 3 weeks to get as ready as he could before he reported to school.  We did our typical assessment, collecting range of motion, determining how he moves, where he moves from and more.  We also collected his 10 yard and 20 yard sprint times along with his standing vertical and with an approach.  Lastly, we did 2 conditioning tests…modified coopers and a 1 minute go test (testing heart rate recovery).

Some things that came from the assessment are:

  • He moves from his back and not his hips
  • Pops up to soon when accelerating, doesn’t maintain a good lean
  • Could not get his heart rate down to a normal resting rate until 6 minutes after his 1 minute go test (ideal recovery time would be 1-2 minutes)
  • Touched 9’10 (30.5”) standing vertical and 10’3 (35.5”) with an approach
  • His best 10 yard time was 1.744
  • Best 20 yard time was 2.906

Today, we retested the vertical jump and the 10/20 yard sprints.  Here are the results:

  • Standing vertical: touched 9’11
  • Approach jump: touched 10’5.5
  • Best 10 yard time: 1.69
  • Best 20 yard time: 2.84

These tests are measures of power.  Power is a quality accessed through the nervous system.

Austin was a typical athlete that was over trained or trained improperly.  This impacted his posture and biomechanics negatively.  Austin learned how to recover and relearned how to move properly.  He went hard when it was time to go hard.  He slowed down when it was time to slow down.

Not every day can be “empty the gas tank” day.  You should absolutely do something every day to get better.  Maybe that something is a light aerobic workout to allow to body to recover so the next training session be have a positive training effect.  Maybe its improving technique so we move more efficiently and are able to use more of our athletic ability.

Today’s numbers are really cool because they reflect what training SMART can do for you.

Ty Terrell

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