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Seminar This Thursday on Knee Pain

written by Mike Robertson

by Kirsten Shaw

This Thursday at 7pm, our own ninja of pain management, Bill Hartman PT, will be throwing out the truth bombs to us about knee pain and what we can do about it.

knee pain seminar

I know I’m a heavy drinker when it comes to the IFAST Kool-Aid, but before IFAST, I would avoid stairs like they came with calories. Within 3 months of getting my personalized training program? The hubtastic Mr. Shaw and I put in an offer on a 2-story house. For realz.

Nowadays, I consider myself a volunteer-ambassador of stair climbing. I will offer my tiny-bucket-o-knee-health wisdom without solicitation or hesitation.

Even so, you can bet your buttered biscuits that I’ll be there on Thursday to catch some new wisdom. Won’t you join me? And with coupon code, IFAST, you can get showered with info for free! Like Flashdance, for your brain.

Mike Robertson

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