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Prepare the Bat Cave. The New Interns are Coming!

written by Mike Robertson

by Kirsten Shaw

IFAST offers three strength training internship rotations every year. Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman have fostered a reputation that blesses us with applicants from all over the world. As such, the majority of our interns find temporary housing in Indy for 16 weeks, put in long hours, get paid nothing in career-enriching experience, and then, just when they really start to swell with confidence and talent, they just up and leave us.

Rude. Am I right?

When my first set of interns left, I was a straight-up blubbering idiot.

Since then, I’ve said goodbye to 6 additional sets of interns, each special for their own reasons. Saying goodbye hasn’t gotten easier, but it’s definitely gotten more normal.

And on the special times when former interns come back to Indy for a seminar? My mama-bear heart swells with pride and gooey mushiness.

But for this week? It’s quiet. Too quiet. There’s an emptiness at IFAST without Matt, Jason, and Mike. For me personally, I’ll probably miss Matt the most just because he got stuck coaching me a lot was most tuned into my training needs. I’m confident that all three left as smarter and better trainers than when they arrived.  I can’t wait to see how they take what they’ve learned and set their dreams on fire.

Next week, the quiet will be replaced with the newbie-intern-energy of Michael and Anthony, with Jack arriving after his finals wrap up, a week later.

Take a peek at the fresh meat on its way to IFAST…

Michael (Florida)
Michael (Florida)
Anthony (New York)
Anthony (New York)
Jack (Massachusetts)
Jack (Massachusetts)

Let the betting pools begin on who will have a soft spot for the young athletes, who will be best at cleaning windows, and which intern can carry the most cases of water from Sam’s Club. Bonus points if you can guess who will snag the first assessment, get coached first by Rufus,  or write their first IFAST training program.

Ever wondered what our interns are getting themselves into? Here’s a good recap from our Internship Page:

Our strength coach internships include over 660 hours of field time. Interns start  by observing the various approaches and strategies our staff uses to build rapport with individual clients. With time, interns are given an increasing amount of responsibility, progressing from helping clients with warm-ups to coaching both semi-private and team-training sessions. Interns also support the day-to-day operations of the business by assisting with cleaning and general office tasks.

Additionally, interns are expected to attend regular educational in-services and develop a strong understanding of our assessment and program design process. Finally, we invite interns to actively think about how they can leverage their personal skills and interests to make IFAST better. We expect interns to be passionate, show initiative, obsessively read (PRI, anatomy, physiology, psychology, marketing, business) and ask lots and lots of questions.

In short, we expect our interns to leave IFAST being able to assess clients and write training programs better than the majority of personal trainers in the country.

Know of someone who might benefit from interning at IFAST? The deadline to apply for a fall internship is June 1st. Have them contact me today!

Mike Robertson

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