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IFAST Internships

How valuable is an IFAST Internship and becoming part of the IFAST Family?

  • Numerous IFAST Family members currently hold directorship, S&C, and internships positions on NBA Teams,
  • Three IFAST Family members currently work in professional baseball,
  • Several IFAST Family members have gone on to earn Doctorates or are currently pursuing their PhD in top academic programs, and
  • Numerous others have gone on to start their own successful fitness and sports training businesses of their own!

Our strength coach internships include over 660 hours of field time. Interns start by observing the various approaches and strategies our staff uses to build rapport with individual clients.

With time, interns are given an increasing amount of responsibility, progressing from helping clients with warm-ups to coaching both semi-private and team-training sessions.

Interns also support the day-to-day operations of the business by assisting with cleaning and general office tasks.

Additionally, interns are expected to attend weekly educational in-services and develop a strong understanding of our assessment and program design process.

Finally, we invite interns to actively think about how they can leverage their personal skills and interests to make IFAST better.

We expect interns to be passionate, show initiative, obsessively read (anatomy, physiology, psychology, marketing, business) and ask lots and lots of questions.

In short, we expect our interns to leave IFAST being able to assess clients and write training programs better than the majority of personal trainers in the country.

Unable to commit the time but still want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of what we do? Consider becoming a member of IFAST University.


We consider our internship process here at IFAST to be second to none.

Unlike other internships where you push a broom and stand in the corner, our goal is to give you a complete learning experience and provide you with the foundational skills that will benefit you in the future.

If you are interested in performing an internship at IFAST, we need the following before you can be considered:


Are you a highly motivated individual ready to catapult your understanding of training others? If so, see if you meet our minimum requirements below:

  • Ability to commit to 16 weeks of ridiculously long hours and learning-induced brain cramps.
  • Interest in helping athletes of all ages, sizes, and abilities.
  • Statement of the time of year (spring, summer, or winter) you want to intern, as well as proposed start/finish dates.
  • Exercise-related college degree preferred
  • Proof of liability insurance (Must be obtained before you start; we recommend $500,000 with K&K)


Email the following to Mike at [email protected]:

  • Cover letter that includes how you heard about IFAST,
  • Current Resume,
  • List of at least three professional references, and
  • A brief (~500 word) essay on why you’d like to be an intern at IFAST


Internship slots are filled as applications are received and considered. Applying early is highly recommended.

  • 2022 Fall (8.22.20 – 12.23.20): Application Deadline – 7.1.22
  • 2023 Spring (1.9.21 – 5.5.21): Application Deadline – 11.30.22
  • 2023 Summer (DATES TBD): Application Deadline 3.1.23

Testimonials from Previous IFAST Interns

Not sure what to expect at IFAST?

Unsure of what you can learn, or how we can help advance your career?

If so, just check out what our previous interns had to say about their time at IFAST!

“It’s hard to put into words everything that I have gained and learned at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training. During my 4-month internship, I was consistently surrounded by a team of coaches who inspired me in their own, unique way. I was challenged to push beyond my limits on a daily basis, helping me to feel comfortable in their environment of excellence.

Coming into this internship, I was incredibly nervous – and a naturally shy and timid person. Although I did my best to study up before the internship began, I knew content on sheets of paper was only a small part of the overall practice. It was about building community, establishing connections, and honing in on infallible communication. I learned how to coach a wide variety of clients, adhering to each and every request based on personality types. While learning this skill, it helped me learn more about myself as well, bringing me out of my shell doing something that I absolutely loved.

Overall, it wasn’t just about being book smart. I was taught real skills on how to be personable, empowered, confident, and a respectable presence that could take control of any room. I couldn’t believe the person I was becoming!

Today, I am a trained, qualified, and confidence sports performance coach and trainer that would not have the standing I do without the incredible people who worked by my side during my nascent training months. I will forever be grateful for my experience at IFAST. 

Gabriel Reyes, Fall 2016

“IFAST taught me things I never knew I needed. It is much more than an internship, it was a life lesson I wish I could take again.

Throughout my summer with them, I went through every part of training, from assessment to energy systems, and every lesson was better than the last. If you come here, prepare to ask questions and learn!

I went through 4 internships, including one at Stanford University. IFAST was the place that taught me to critically think and put all the pieces I learned together.”

Tony Giuliano, Summer 2015
Performance Specialist for EXOS at Google

My summer internship at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training took my coaching and knowledge of strength and conditioning to an elite level.

The staff at IFAST are the best in the fitness and performance industry, offering interns daily opportunities to learn. As the cutting edge, IFAST educates interns on the most practical and efficient coaching and programming skills with the opportunity to coach athletes during the entire internship.

I completed my internship shortly before beginning physical therapy school in Portland, Oregon. The tools I brought with me and the reputation of IFAST allowed for me to gain employment in the most sought after fitness and training facilities in the city. Additionally, the understanding of anatomy and human biomechanics gained during my internship were paramount in being able to successfully complete my doctorate program as well as bring my clients excellent results.

The internship program at IFAST will continually challenge participants and holds the highest expectations of its interns, rising to the occasion and being eager to learn every day brought me not only success but enjoyment. Future interns willing to do the same can expect the same results. I am thankful for the entire IFAST family and all they have helped me achieve.”

Sebastian Saur
Summer 2016

“Interning at IFAST was the best move I ever made for my career.

I gained so much insight and new knowledge. Most importantly, I gained the confidence I needed to truly take my fitness career to the next level.

I left IFAST confident I could help people of all ages and abilities use strength training to build stronger, healthier bodies.

The lessons I learned in customer service and the amazing culture of continuous improvement/education were valuable takeaways I brought into my own business here in Chicago. I can’t recommend the IFAST internship enough.”

Sean Griffin, Summer 2012
Founder, Chicago Primal Gym

My IFAST internship was without a doubt, not only the best career decision I’ve made, but also one of the best life decisions I’ve made. The coaches at IFAST are some of the most knowledgeable and well connected individuals in the strength and conditioning industry and provided a wealth of knowledge about coaching, biomechanics, physiology, programming, and model development.

The overall culture however, is what truly sets apart IFAST as a learning facility to complete an internship. No other group of people promote the grind and the dedication to learning and self-improvement the way IFAST does. 

Prior to starting my experience at IFAST, I thought an internship at IFAST would be great. I went in with the thought that I would learn some new things, work a lot, coach people, improve my own fitness, and leave as a smarter and more satisfied individual. Well, I was entirely wrong.

I did not learn “some things,” rather I learned so many new things that I thought my mind was on the verge of explosion on a daily basis. I did not work “some,” I worked so much that I could fall asleep while standing at nearly any point of the day. I did not learn how to just “coach people,” I learned how to coach patients and clients in such an incredibly efficient and effective manner that I had never realized that such proficiency was even possible. I also didn’t just leave IFAST as a more “fit” person, rather through more intelligent programming I left IFAST as an overall healthier individual.

My expectation of leaving IFAST as a smarter and more satisfied individual was also not representative of what I experienced either. I left IFAST with a hunger for more knowledge. I left with a need to learn more and the mindset to never be content with what I do know. My hunger for continued knowledge is stronger than ever and I can thank the IFAST family for that. Finally, if you are serious about bettering the life of yourself and the life of every patient and/or client that you will come into contact with in the future, in the most optimal fashion, then IFAST may be for you.

However, if you think that you have the audacity, determination, and perseverance to sustain 16 weeks of near mental and physical failure to accomplish one of the most gratifying learning experiences of your lifetime, then I say….IFAST is for you.

Tim Welch, Spring 2018

The strength coach internship at IFAST is hard to beat.  You will work hard, you will become a better coach and you will learn a ton along the way.

Whether its assessing, building relationships, coaching, studying, etc. these guys leave no stone unturned and go into detail I didn’t know was possible.

I am grateful to have been exposed to such an amazing experience early on in my career that has helped me grow both personally and professionally. You won’t find many places like IFAST.

Cory Hecht, Fall 2017

The time I spent at IFAST has proven invaluable. The skills I’ve learned have helped me teach my clients. And the network I’ve made has connected me throughout the world.

I look back on it as some of the most memorable times of my life; lots of learning and even more laughs. I wouldn’t be in the position I am without all the help I’ve received from co-workers throughout decade I was there.

Here’s hoping you’re as lucky as I was!

Lance Goyke, MS, CSCS, Fall 2010

Interning at IFAST has been hands down the best opportunity I have ever been given. As a young coach at 20 years old, the coaches at IFAST provided me an invaluable amount of expertise that I learn from and continue to take with me as I start my career in the physical preparation world. The combination of great coaches and hard working, fun clients makes IFAST a special place.

There are many things that make IFAST a quality internship experience. A big one for me is the family that has been formed here. I haven’t been to a facility quite like this where everybody truly is so caring of one another, stays in connection with each other and continues to drive the field in a better direction. The interns that have come before are starting to change the game in both the physical therapy and physical preparation world.

The last thing I would like to say to anyone who is driven enough and has the opportunity to intern at IFAST is DO IT! The amount of intelligent coaches that really know what they are talking about is second to none and the information and coaching experience you will acquire will continue to propel you in the right direction moving forward.

Jack Baldwin, Summer 2015