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The Interns are Coming…The Interns are Coming!!

written by Mike Robertson

Three times a year we get fresh intern meat. On Monday, three more will be punching their train ticket to Awesomeland:


james cerbiesarah carlislebrandon brown


Shocking as it may sound, people don’t apply for an IFAST internship because of a strong propensity to clean toilets or shop for cases of water at Sam’s Club.  Go figure, but it turns out that most candidates seek opportunities that will provide the most hands-on training, real experience, and mentoring capabilities.

Thanks to the talents and skill sets of owners Bill and Mike, IFAST has a strong national reputation for being one of the best strength and conditioning facilities in the industry. With each rotation, we find ourselves increasingly more impressed with the caliber of intern candidates. This summer, the competition was fiercer than ever. With applicants from across the country, and two from overseas, the fact that we selected two of the three from Indianapolis is quite impressive!


internWe believe that providing a stellar internship experience is one of the easiest ways for us to disseminate the IFAST philosophy throughout the strength-training community. Not only are we helping students build on their professional foundation, it’s our hope that our interns become ambassadors within their home communities for safe and efficient assessment-based programming.

Further, to quote Justin Timberlake, “What goes around, goes around, goes around. Comes all the way back around.” Our Internship program benefits IFAST as much as it benefits the interns. Every new intern comes with a unique background and set of interests and strengths. They add their personalized flavor when they ask about the “why” behind client assessments, programming, and cues. For our coaches, being able to easily articulate reasoning not only aids the curious client, it strengthens their coaching intuitiveness. I’ve seen first-hand how a simple intern question has inspired powerful in-services for the entire team.

And as excited as we are to introduce our interns to our IFAST members, we’re 9402-times more excited to introduce our members to them! As I explained to the incoming interns in an email last week:

I honestly believe we’re the best gym in the galaxy. I love that we help so many different types of people: students, professional athletes, AARP members, and everyone in between. There is no cookie cutter for IFAST clients. Also? The IFAST owners and trainers are freakin’ BRILLIANT. There are lessons to be learned from every single client and staff member. Arrive with a passionate curiosity and embrace the quiet learning opportunities around you. Initiative will go a long way in making this internship your own.

Whether you’re an IFAST client, intern, or staff member, thank you for making our IFAST family so amazing. I have a feeling it’s going to be our best summer yet.

Mike Robertson

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