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IFAST Testimonial: Ruth Ranalletta

written by Zach Moore

Today, I want to share with you a recent testimonial we received from current IFAST client, Ruth Ranalletta.  Ruth, and her husband John, joined IFAST several months ago.  They both have made some wonderful progress and are two of the nicest people you will meet.  It has been great seeing their progress over the last year and I am excited to continue to help them reach their goal(s).


So here is Ruth:

“Recently I turned 65, but was feeling much older.   At least I thought I should have many more pain free years ahead.    I couldn’t get up from sitting on the floor and after searching for a cooking pot in a lower cabinet I would get on all fours and hold on to something to lift myself.  I also had back pain and some residual restriction from a frozen shoulder.  I have had Type I diabetes for 47 years and for the past 15 years or so have controlled it with an insulin pump.

My diabetes educator wanted me to add another mile to my walking routine, but walking more just caused more back pain.  That’s when I went into IFAST.   After my assessment with Bill where I heard I was basically working against myself when walking (hip pain from misalignment – my words), I was ready to do whatever they said to make the pain go away.  Things started off slow, but steady, and I was happy not to be overworked to the point of a new pain.  There was and continues to be lots of work on building my core strength – like learning how to breathe and still hold my gut (I mean my abs) in.  I remember the day I could turn my abs “on”; to me it was like magic!  Honestly, I didn’t think I even had abs.

My husband John and I had joined a gym years ago, the kind where you go and do some stretches, maybe some aerobics, and a little work on the weight machines.  That’s pretty boring stuff, but IFAST is anything but boring!

My husband will say my conditioning at IFAST has really paid off because I can put in a whole day of work – like when we built the new shed.  I say my efforts have paid off because now I get up from the floor without looking like an “old” grandma and even my friends can see the new contours in my upper arms – those are the muscles I’ve developed.  Oh, and I’ve lost a few pounds along the way.  I sit up straighter, have a better, stronger attitude and look forward to seeing what my trainer will add to my workout routine.

My accomplishments may sound silly to some, but to me they are huge:

I have abs and can turn them on when I want.

I can now do Split Squats!  The first time I could do a set without falling over I gave my trainer high fives.

I have developed both muscles and stamina (important for daily living).

I’ve learned you don’t have to exercise to the point of muscle pain to reap benefits; but you do have to keep at it.

I’ve learned that my body weight is just a number, but if I feel fit and strong, the number doesn’t mean so much.

I’ve enjoyed meeting and working with everyone at IFAST.  The trainers are approachable, knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging.  It was my trainer that included a specific point in my workout to check my blood sugar.  Sometimes it’s nice to have that built in breather, but it’s also caught both a high blood glucose level as well as lows.  I look forward to meeting the new interns as they hone their skills and Kirsten makes it fun just to come in the front door.  Maybe I’ll never be able to do a cartwheel again like I did as a high school cheerleader, but I’ll always be a cheerleader for IFAST.”

Zach Moore

  1. Ruth –

    I already worked out this morning, but after reading your testimonial I want to change clothes and hit the gym floor again! You are a such a joy and being around you makes my spirit smile. Thank you for being one of my favorite IFAST Blessings. xox – Kirsten

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