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IFAST Community Board

written by Lance Goyke

Hello everyone!

I wanted to bring attention to the new cork board in the gym hanging next to the water dispenser. This is the IFAST Community Board.

I am honored to work with my fellow staff. Everyone has tremendous strengths, and when we put ourselves together, I truly believe we can bring you the best training in Indianapolis.

But one facet I think we leave grossly underutilized is our members.

We have people from so many walks of life. Does your child need a dentist? Why don’t you give Michelle a call. Need a lawyer? Maybe Ann can help you. Tired of listening to Jae’s diet advice? Show him what’s up and let Ellen make you some desserts.

Tariq has even explained rudimentary calculus to me on a dinner napkin.

I want us all to be able to take advantage of the huge social network we have available at the gym. If you’re a member, bring a few business cards with you next time you’re in and pin them to the board for everyone to see.

Lance Goyke

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