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How to Sit in Your Car

written by Lance Goyke

back_pain_driving_slant_seat_cushionAt IFAST, we talk a lot about getting neutral. I see a lot of out-of-towners on Saturdays who ask if everyone gets all these breathing exercises.

In short, yes.

Breathing is the best way we have to teach your body to calm down. So we cue breathing during your workouts. Especially in your “Reset” exercises.

But what about the other 23 hours of the day when I’m not at IFAST?

Sometimes I like to give people their reset exercises for homework. Doing them more often is a great way to remind your body how to stay neutral. Years of weightlifting have me pretty locked up; I feel much better when I do my “homework”.

But I’m a realist. Sometimes it’s a pain to do those exercises. Sometimes it’s hard to find an acceptable place to do them in public. Sometimes busy people can’t find time in their day to do them at all!

I have a solution for you folks.

I spend about two hours driving every day during the week. This is a great time for me to find a reference center in my body. These reference centers remind my body how to stay neutral.

Watch the video below for a little instructional!


Lance Goyke

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