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Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: The Joseph Sisters

written by Lance Goyke

As the Joseph family is out of town on vacation, I received a text from Mother Ann.

Apparently they’re still working out.

Here are some pictures that Ann sent to me. I feel like this is a great showing of how training becomes a way of life, not just something you do a few times a week because you have to.

Ellen does push ups as Gwen tries to stay out of the way.
Gwen working on that front squat.
Ellen doing a headstand. Isn’t she awesome?

Now, the biggest reason this is so cool: physical literacy. Their experience in sports and in the gym sets them up to be active for life. They have the skills to be physically active anywhere, even on paddleboards in the water.

Way to go, Josephs!

Lance Goyke

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