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Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: Ben Jaffe

written by Lance Goyke

Ben Jaffe

I would like you all to meet everyone’s favorite defense attorney: Ben Jaffe.

Ben has been training at IFAST on and off since it’s inception. He’s one of our most tenured clients.

He also secretly wants to be an IFAST trainer. Ben is constantly reading things about fitness, and he’s what my father would refer to as “a talker”. You can hear the excitement in his voice whenever he speaks about his training.

The atmosphere changes when he’s around. The guy is definitely the densest worker we have. What I mean by that is… he comes in late a lot.

Ben is notorious for coming in a half hour before the gym closes. I don’t know – maybe he does it on purpose – but he puts as much activity into the smallest amount of time. His training is so dense you can feel its gravitational pull (sorry, been watching lots of science shows).

This guy loves basketball (as long as it isn’t tearing up his body). He’s probably the most athletic lawyer we have in the gym. He just told me he can still hit his head on the backboard. HIS HEAD! My five-foot-seven body can’t even imagine the view up there.

His kid recently let him know that he looks soft. Maybe that’s why he’s back in here. Hmm. But he measured in at 10.4% body fat tonight.

That’s right, Ben, it’s public now. Better make sure that number is lower in a month.

If you see him, give him a warm welcome back!

Lance Goyke

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