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CityWrite Returns to IFAST!

written by Mike Robertson

IFAST is proud to participate again in CityWrite, an Indianapolis-based initiative to encourage locals to share their personal stories through the written word. IFAST is honored to be only participating fitness facility!


writerCityWrite organizers explain:

Writing is a way for people to use their own language to illustrate the common and uncommon human  experience we each share. Unfortunately, the common and everyday experiences that shape our lives and impact community go unnoticed and memories connected to our living spaces remain undocumented. In order to capture these stories, CityWrite works within the spaces of others in their home communities. Sites are hosted anywhere people gather. CityWrite sites will be based on geography, cultural relevance and community perspectives. Sites will intersect all walks of life and will include libraries, bookstores, schools, churches, shelters, institutions, associations, neighborhood groups, and businesses. During the inaugural 2012 CityWrite, our goal was to host at 25 diverse community sites. After successfully meeting this goal, our  goal for the 2013 CityWrite is to host 50 sites and encourage families and individuals to meet in their respective spaces on in the week leading up to October 20, the National Day on Writing

Even better? They’re publishing an anthology of writings produced by the 2012 and 2013 participants that will be sold across the state!


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Because we really want to encourage all of our awesometastic peeps to participate, every local IFAST member who joins in the CityWrite fun will earn a FREE TRAINING SESSION! Nifty, eh?

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