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Chin-ups? Or Chest-ups?

written by Mike Robertson

Chin-ups are one of our favorite exercises to train and coach here at IFAST.

And why not?

Women love the feeling of getting stronger and being able to move their own body weight.

Guys love building the muscles in the upper back, and getting stronger doesn’t hurt them, either!

But far too often, people don’t chin correctly.

And depending on your execution, sometimes it looks far more like a spastic reflex than an actual exercise!

If you’re interested in learning how to chin-up, here’s a video I shot a while back that should help.

Now I obviously learning how to lift better, but sometimes, you just want a little motivation to get in the gym and get after it.

Here are two IFAST clients getting after it and crushing some chin-ups. Great work Monica and Josh!

Needless to say, we love training the chin-up, and I hope after watching these videos you will, too!

All the best


Mike Robertson

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