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Check Out IFAST And Our Clients Around The Web

written by Zach Moore


There have been some great blogs and articles I have come across in the past month or so regarding IFAST and it’s members.  So today, I want to share a few of those with you to highlight the gym and our members’ successes.

First up is a news piece that was done on WISH TV 8 regarding IFAST.  The article covered steps to take to make yourself feel younger than what you really are.  One of their steps is to move and exercise more.  Therefore, they came to IFAST to highlight one of our clients who now feels younger than they did before they came to the gym.  The client they highlighted was IFAST member Lyn Jones who did awesome on the camera.  I mean watch the video clip and check out those biceps:)

Feeling old?  Do these 3 things

Lyn Jones has made some great progress and is one of the funnest people to be around.  She always walks into the gym with a smile and brings great energy.

So the second link I want to share with you is actually a blog post by Lyn Jones.  Lyn started her own blog a while back and this post details some struggles she has dealt with and how IFAST has been helpful in dealing with those issues.  It is a great read, and Lyn is an excellent writer.

Staying Strong for Will… and for me

Lastly, our very own Joey Stevenson was highlighted in the IndyStar this week for his accomplishments as the turf manager for the Indianapolis Indians.  The past two years Joey has been named the International League Sports Turf Manager of the Year, which is a huge honor.  Joey is such a humble and laid back guy so it is great to see his hard work being recognized.  Way to go, Jooooeeeey!!

My Office: Joey Stevenson of the Indianapolis Indians

That is it for today.  Hope you have a great week!

Zach Moore

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