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Athletika Starting This Week!

written by Mike Robertson

athletika-ifastWith our Athletika classes rolling out this week, we’ve gotten a ton of interest about what they are, and who they’re for.

To make this super simple, I’ve done my best to get all of that information into one article.

However, if you read this and still have questions, make sure to drop us an email at [email protected] or call us at 317.578.0998.

But for now, let’s talk about Athletika!

What is Athletika?

Athletika is the IFAST-approved version of “bootcamp” or team-style training.

Instead of our standard small group sessions, Athletika is a larger group setting where we’ll have up to 15 members training at a time.

Who is Athletika For?

Athletika is a great fit for several groups of people:

If you enjoy large group classes…

Look I would be dumb, or blind, or both if I didn’t recognize that people like group classes.

Whether we’re talking spinning, PiYo, or Zumba, there’s a certain group of people that enjoy class-style training.

Maybe it’s the energy.

Maybe it’s the cost.

And maybe it’s just the accountability of having a designated time to show up and train.

The bottom line is if you enjoy the large group setting, then Athletika is definitely for you.

If you already move well…

If you are someone who already moves well, and/or simply needs coaching from time-to-time, then Athletika will be a great fit for you.

Even though we customize and tweak our classes to make it right for every individual, you still need a basic movement base to get started.

This is also where our FUNdamentals orientation class comes in on Saturday mornings.

We’ll show you the IFAST way of moving, to make sure that you’re not only training correctly, but giving your body more of what it needs to look and feel great.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get (or stay) in shape…

team-trainingLast but not least, I realize that everyone is on a budget.

At IFAST we’ve focused primarily on 1-on-1 and semi-private training in the past, and we’ve done very well.

But I also believe that there’s a demographic who wants a more cost-effective way to get the IFAST experience.

And that, my friends, is where we come in.

With our Athletika classes, you’ll get the IFAST look and feel of a program, packaged in a large group setting.

But the best part is that our Athletika classes will give you the IFAST approach to training, all for about half of what you’d pay for similar semi-private offerings.

How is It Athletika Different from other “Bootcamps”?

While most people love bootcamps for their high-energy environments, the first thing to go is the quality of work.

Furthermore, there’s often little (or no) planning with regards to the programming.

Here are two big reasons why Athletika will be different to your average, everyday bootcamp.

#1 – It’s Customized to You

Just because you’re working in a large group doesn’t mean you have to do what everyone else is doing.

We’re all unique individuals, and we all do some things better than others.

In our Athletika Team Training sessions, we’ll put a premium on giving you the best possible training experience, each and every session.

That means workouts that are customized to your body, and how you move.

If something is too easy, we’ll find a harder exercise to progress you to.

And if what you’re doing isn’t working, then we’ll find a suitable alternative that still helps you put the work in.

#2 – Athletic Emphasis

If you polled all of the gym members in the world, very few would say they want to look like a bodybuilder or powerlifter.

Instead, what they’d often say is that if they had their choice, they’d look like an athlete.

As such, we’re going to create a class structure that helps you look and feel like an athlete.

We’re going to train power by throwing and smashing things.

We’re going to push some weight.

And we’re going to develop conditioning as a team.

A well-rounded athlete needs a blend of mobility, power, strength and conditioning to be successful.

And in our Athletika classes, we’re going to address all of those needs in every single training session.

When are Athletika Classess Offered?

kettlebellsAthletika classess will be offered at the following days/times:

  • Tuesday and Thursday – 7 am
  • Tuesday and Thursday – 6 pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday – 7 pm
  • Saturday – FUNdamentals of Training – 10 am

Keep in mind, however, that we’re looking for another instructor as we speak. Once we find the right one, we’re going to expand these hours even further.

Sign-Up Now!

If you’re already a member of IFAST, just ask your coach about how you can start attending classes right now – for FREE.

And if you’re not a member of IFAST yet, we have a sweet deal for anyone who wants to try out our Athletika classes.

For only $7, you can get 7 days of Athletika team training.

This includes not only the FUNdamentals of Team Training introductory session, but a handful of training sessions as well.

And if we can’t prove to you in 7-days that we have the best team training environment in Indianapolis, then we don’t deserve your business.

So what are you waiting for?

Call or email us today to see what our Athletika Team Trainnig classes are all about.

We’ll see you soon at IFAST!

Mike Robertson

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