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Transformation Contest Winner!

written by Mike Robertson

Last week we wrapped up our first ever Transformation Bootcamp here at IFAST. Needless to say, I fee like it was a huge success!

First and foremost, I just want to congratulate and thank everyone who participated – we couldn’t have done this without you!

Overall, our contestants lost a total of 30.5 pounds and a total of 20.75 inches!

And I’m not totally sure those numbers do justice to the changes these people made – numerous people really didn’t have any “weight” to lose, and they were already in relatively good shape.

Here’s how I determined the winner.

  1. Determined the Top 5 in our weight loss category. This was determined based off their weight loss relative to their intial starting weight. I gave the person who lost the highest percentage of body weight a 5, and the last person a 1.
  2. Determined the Top 5 in our inches lost category. Again, this was determined based off their total inches lost relative to their initial starting inches. The person who lost the most was given a 5, and the last person was given a 1.
  3. I added up total “points” to determine a winner.

The crazy thing here is this – even after 6 weeks of intense training, we almost had a tie as to who our winner was!

However, in the end Cathy R. lost out by a single point to Judy S.!

Judy – we’ll be in touch later this week to discuss your prizes 🙂

Again, congratulations to all of you on the success and results you’ve achieved over the past couple of weeks. Let’s keep it up and don’t let the holidays slow you down!

All the best


Mike Robertson

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