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Trey Ball

written by Andrew Pautler

I started coming to IFAST 2.5 years ago with Ty Terrell, and my time there has been absolutely outstanding.

Being able to have hands on training with Bill and Ty has been a huge help with my training and repositioning needed to get me in season form for Baseball.

Without their help and knowledge of how the body works and the training needed to get the most out of what I do, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

IFAST is different in the sense of them taking you one-on-one evaluating you and coming up with a plan to achieve what you are looking for. And then working with you as you move forward, I think that’s what makes them different and the best at what they do.

I’d like to thank Ty and Bill and everyone else at the IFAST family for all the help and hands on work with me throughout the years to make me the best baseball player I can be.

Andrew Pautler