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Kevin Klett

written by Andrew Pautler

My experience at IFAST has been nothing but positive. I began having back pain towards the end of the club season of my sophomore year. What started out as mild pain worsened, causing me to miss sessions to rest.

After finishing that season, my family and I went to numerous therapists and back specialists. No one was able to give us a definitive answer, and we saw no improvement. After learning about IFAST and hearing about the success they have had with athletes, we were fortunate enough to get an appointment there. With just one assessment they had pinpointed what the problem was and gave me a personalized program to go about correctin git.

Now, I am currently playing pain-free Division 1 level soccer, and even went into my first season as one of the top conditioned athletes despite having missed the majority of the previous two years.

In my honest opinion, I do not believe that you could find a more knowledgable staff or better facilities for improving athletic performance.

Andrew Pautler