Kathryn Voelker - Indianapolis Fitness And Sports Training

Kathryn Voelker

written by Andrew Pautler

I walked into IFAST 4 years ago with all hope lost in solving my back pain. I’d been to what seemed like 20 physical therapists and doctors for advice and an answer.

IFAST has not only helped me with my injuries, but has also made me the fit and strong athlete I am today. And I owe it all to Mike. I go back to train at IFAST with Mike any chance I get because their programs work. Mike works. He is the best coach I have ever had and seen. The way he communicates and works with people/athletes is inspiring.

I hope that IFAST’s knowledge and coaching abilities become the leader of strength and conditioning programs for athletes. I look forward to work outs at IFAST because I know the way I am training is beneficial and will pay off. I have gone into two collegiate soccer seasons feeling in the best shape of my life through their program.

Andrew Pautler