David Tenney - Indianapolis Fitness And Sports Training

David Tenney

written by Andrew Pautler

Mike Robertson and his staff are, in my opinion, one of the very top strength and conditioning and performance enhancement groups in the Midwest. Since I recommended them to a US Women’s National Team player I was working with in 2009, I have encouraged any of my athletes living in the Midwest to train with Mike Robertson if at all possible.

I have had several of my athletes train with him, as well as recommend any intern that has worked under me to spend time there visiting.

I think Mike and his staff have a unique ability to look at soccer players as holistic athletes – teaching them to move better, assessing, correcting, and strengthening their weak links, and prescribing the right amount of metabolic (fitness) training. There is quite honestly no one I trust more in the Midwest to train my athletes more in the off-season than Mike, and I would recommend any professional club in the area to utilize his services.

Andrew Pautler